Before and After

I started my weight loss journey November of 2013. I was *60 pounds heavier than I am now. That’s a lot of extra weight on my 5’1” frame.

I remember the doubts in my brain as I left New Results that first time. I was thinking, is this going to work for me? Will anything work?

During my first week I think I lost about *5 pounds. It wasn’t a huge number but it was *5 less pounds on my body. After the holidays and the New Year I was down about *20 pounds. The weight was coming off slowly but surely. After about a month I stopped craving carbs and sweets and everyday got a little bit easier. I started exercising (very slowly at first) and now I do* 5-6 days a week.

In the 4 years that I was gaining the weight I think I tried every diet I could find only to lose a couple of pounds, go off of it and gain them right back plus a few more.

New Results didn’t just give me a “diet plan” they gave me unlimited support, motivation, encouragement and the tools I needed to succeed.

New Results has helped me change my life! There is no way that I could ever have lost 60 pounds without their help. Now, I’m going for the last *5-10 pounds and I know I can do it.

If anyone reading this thinks they can’t lose weight, or they have to starve themselves to do it, please just meet with the people at New Results and try it.

*Results may vary among individuals and are not guaranteed.