I Love Watching our Patients Succeed!


My name is Jessica, and I have been a medical assistant for New Results Medical Weight Loss for over 4 years. The thing that I love the most about what we do here, is watching our patients succeed! We have treated people who have lost close to 200 pounds!  However, we have also helped many patients lose 10 to 20 pounds.  Each of these patient types have different challenges and goals, and they are treated according to their specific needs. That is where the ENTIRE TEAM at New Results Medical Weight Loss really shines. We tailor our programs and product offerings, our coaching and support, to each and every individual that we treat.

 I believe in how and what we teach, and I believe in what we do. We strive to find new ideas, recipes, and apps to help our patients succeed.  We know not only how to help people lose weight quickly and safely, but we are focused from the very first appointment on helping patients make lifestyle changes that are enjoyable, and sustainable!

We are a team of caring individuals who will always try and find an answer to anyone’s struggles. We strive in patient care and understanding. We are knowledgeable in the products we carry, as well as believe in the products that we use. If one of us doesn’t know the answer to any question or problem that you may have –  we discuss it with the team to try and find the BEST solution.  We have been told by many of our patients that what we do here, and HOW we do it, is very unique.  If you are thinking about losing weight, or know someone who is, for the BEST results try New Results Medical Weight Loss!  We would love the opportunity to help you!