Creating Sustainable Weight Loss

At New Results Medical Weight Loss, our clients are thrilled with their results and cannot wait to show it off. But the one thing that our clients often ask after their weight loss program ends is how do they keep the weight off? Once you’ve completed one of New Results Medical Weight Loss programs, you have to remember when you started the program you made a lifestyle change. We understand this concern, but don’t worry we’ve come up with some ways to help you sustain your weight loss below.

Keep Exercising

Exercising is critical to keeping the weight off once you’ve lost it. It’s been reported by the National Weight Loss Control registry that 90 percent of people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off exercised on average an hour a day. We recommend keeping up with your exercising routine but also remembering to exercise smart. Ensuring that your method does not hit a plateau and always challenging yourself.

Eat Smart

Remember all the tools New Results Medical Weight Loss gave you? It’s now time to keep using them. You already committed to change the way you eat and the way you work out, so now it’s just staying on that personal routine. Remember to eat more protein and fat, and keep getting your carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit, and of course, always use portion control.

Give Yourself Permission

We’ve all done them, but not all permit themselves to make mistakes. It’s okay, and we are not perfect and at New Results Medical Weight Loss we understand it’s going to take time and practice to make it feel natural. Remember that you can create sustainability by providing your body the nourishment, self-love, and self-care it needs.

Reflect and Adjust

Staying aware of where you’ve come from and how you got there is also a crucial part of sustainability. Also, if you are not aware of something you are doing, how can you change it? We recommend that taking notes on what you ate, how you exercised, and the lifestyle changes you made at the beginning and why it worked best for you. Reflect on what made you energized and what depleted it. In no time, all of this will become second nature, and then it’s no longer something you “have to do” but instead it becomes a part of you.

Seek Extra Help

If for any reason you fall behind and start to gain the weight back, reach out to us. We have a new Quick Start program designed to help those who are trying to sustain their weight loss. In our Quick Start program, there are no weekly appointments, and it’s meant for those just trying to lose that 5-15 pounds.

If your curious to learn more or have questions, give us a call at New Results Medical Weight Loss, and one of our certified weight loss professionals will be happy to help.  New Results Medical Weight Loss is dedicated to helping you lose weight and keep it off.