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More About Our Customized Medical Weight Loss Programs

New Results Medical Weight Loss has helped patients lose 10 pounds to 110 pounds and more. Our success (and our patients’ satisfaction) comes from the simple fact that our individualized weight loss protocols are medically sound.
During the first appointment, each patient receives a complete medical evaluation to ensure that there are no reasons we can’t prescribe appetite suppressants. The doctor or nurse practitioner on staff will also do a brief medical history and exam to determine which program is the safest and best option for you. Then, together, we will determine your weight loss goals and will tailor and review the program in detail with you, showing you not only how our approach is so effective, but why our approach can help you lose weight where other diets and programs have failed.
Another reason our weight loss programs and protocols are so effective is that at New Results Medical Weight Loss, we have created a nurturing and supportive environment where our staff helps you achieve your weight loss goals through education and encouragement, not judgment or shame. Patients return to the office weekly to monitor their progress and to receive unending advice, instruction, encouragement, and support.
Whatever questions you have, whatever challenges you face, our staff of weight loss professionals is at your disposal to provide the answers and advice you need to look and feel your absolute best. This weekly consultation sets New Results Medical Weight Loss apart from the competition, giving you access to all the tools that we offer in addition to appetite suppressants, metabolism enhancers and fat-burning injections, including:

  • Weekly accountability and weight loss monitoring
  • Recipe and snack ideas
  • Tips on how to maximize the benefits of exercise
  • Unending support and encouragement!

We have created three programs to support your weight loss efforts. Each of our programs is unique, and we encourage each person to read more information on our programs to find the right weight loss program for their goals.


New Results Medical Weight Loss is a non-surgical, medical weight loss clinic that provides individualized programs to help patients lose weight and make lifestyle changes that will have lasting RESULTS.

What is The “New Results Difference”?

At New Results Medical Weight Loss, we have been helping our clients reach their weight loss goals since 2009.

Granted we’ve changed since then, but our approach to medical weight loss is still the same.  Each program we have is meant to be tailored to your weight loss goal and overall healthy living. We also believe in doing things differently and getting New Results, and many of our clients ask what makes us so different from other medical weight loss programs?

Well, let us start by telling you it’s all about the client and their goals.  From the minute you step into our office you’ll be met with nurturing and friendly faces, who are all ready to help you reach your goals. New Results Medical Weight Loss staff is encouraging each person to discover the right medical weight loss program for them and their needs. Our team understands that starting the journey to weight loss can be challenging, that’s why we treat each client with respect and kindness because weight loss goals are achieved through encouragement, not judgment.

Our team understands that as we age our metabolism changes and that can make losing weight even more difficult. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly since 2009 to find new ways of losing weight and achieving New Results. We are proud to say that we’ve cracked the code, and our patients have dropped anywhere from 10 pounds to 110 pounds. What enables our patients to reach their goals is our new approach, which is creating an environment where you feel supported and encouraged. Helping patients make changes that are not only healthy but sustainable, is our goal.

Now that you’ve heard what makes New Results Medical weight loss different from our competitors, are you ready to change your life and get New Results? If yes, then don’t wait any longer, set up an appointment today and see how we can help you start the journey to a new you.