Hormone Replacement Therapy

Optimal Hormone Functioning for Optimal Aging

The goal of HRT is to balance, maintain or restore the body’s natural hormone levels that can become depleted as one ages so individuals can optimize their health and live their best life well into their “golden years.” Hormone Replacement Therapy is effective for men and women suffering from hormone imbalances or irregularities, such as “Low T” in men and menopause [read more about “hot flashes“] in women.

By replenishing and controlling hormones in the body using bioidentical hormone replacements and hormone-optimizing supplements, HRT programs can support healthy aging and slow or even reverse some of the symptoms associated with decreasing hormone levels or hormone imbalances in both men and women.

TCore20™ uses bioidentical hormones in order to accomplish the ultimate goal of restoring and optimizing the body’s natural level of hormones. Bioidentical means that the hormones are similar in structure and chemical composition to the ones produced naturally within the body. The core hormones used in New Results Medical Weight Loss HRT programs are natural and not synthetically made for athletic or sexual enhancement, but rather are designed specifically to optimize and balance one’s hormones so that they can feel their best.

Hormones are the foundation of health in both men and women. Although the types of hormones and the various organs, tissues, and glands that produce these essential chemical messengers are different in men and women, they are equally important when it comes to different aspects of health during the aging process, such as metabolism, sleep, mood, body composition, and libido. Consider, for example, the differences between men and women in terms of two of the most important hormones: testosterone and estrogen.

Note: “Hormone Replacement Therapy” is a bit of misnomer for male HRT programs, since men’s testosterone levels normally decrease as they get older, so hormone therapy doesn’t replace anything that is naturally missing. Men with unnaturally low levels of testosterone can still benefit from hormone therapy programs such as TCore20™ but closer evaluation is needed to develop the right HRT program and protocols. New Results Medical Weight Loss has evaluated and treated countless men in Phoenix for low testosterone and other hormonal issues, and we know the right mixture of therapies and supplements to help men look, feel and live their best.

The basis of male hormone health, testosterone is produced in the testes and is considered an anabolic steroid or androgen, meaning that it is a sex hormone produced naturally within the body. Women also produce testosterone, but not at the same level and not in the same way as men. Testosterone is the foundation of male HRT programs, but women can also experience low-testosterone and some of the same symptoms as men. This is because testosterone, in both men and women, contributes to bone maintenance, fat storage, red blood cell count, muscle development, sexual drive and libido, so low levels of this hormone in both sexes can result in sub-optimal health and body functioning.

Just as testosterone is mistakenly considered the “male hormone,” estrogen is often mistakenly thought of as the “female hormone.” But just like testosterone, estrogen plays a critical function in both men and women. For men, natural estrogen levels actually begin to increase with age while testosterone levels start to decline (in fact, testosterone can start to convert to estrogen in some men as they get older). Estrogen in men can affect fat storage, muscle mass and sex drive in negative ways. In women, estrogen helps regulate menstrual cycles, blood clotting, bone health and even cognitive functioning. Hormone optimization programs aim to keep this important hormone at healthy levels in both men and women accordingly.

TCore20™ HRT programs are designed to balance, maintain, restore and/or optimize hormone health in men and women based on their body’s core needs. TCore20™ programs for men, for example, include testosterone and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), as well as anastrozole to block estrogen production and keep estrogen levels down in aging males. Testosterone is also included in women’s HRT programs to improve energy, sharpen mental focus and increase libido, but the focus is on regulating levels of estrogen and keeping them balanced within the body to help regulate mood, control inflammation and signal the body to produce melatonin for sleep (ultimately mitigating the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause).

TCore20™ is optimally designed to improve hormone health, functioning, and production in men and women, but there are additional factors that contribute to the success of hormone replacement therapy. New Results Medical Weight Loss has taken these success factors into account and incorporates them as part of each patient’s HRT program.

Hormone therapy treatment is effective in helping people optimize their health and live better while they age; however, the results people experience with these programs is enhanced by lifestyle choices such as frequent exercise or proper nutrition. New Results Medical Weight Loss patients are encouraged throughout the program to develop better lifestyle habits that will lead to better, faster and more noticeable results. In addition to helping patients develop healthier eating habits and age-appropriate exercise regimens, New Results Medical Weight Loss enhances patients’ HRT results by offering key supplements that help optimize specific bodily functions that may decline as part of the aging process.

High-quality supplements can make it easier for you to fight cravings, burn fat and build lean muscle. We also address nutritional gaps with vitamins, nutrients and/or nutrient-dense meal replacement shakes to promote whole-body health and wellness as you are undergoing hormone therapy. Taken independently or as part of a medically-supervised weight loss program or hormone therapy program, New Results’ high-quality supplements, sprays, and injections can support you on your journey to looking and feeling your best.

TCore20™ Hormone Replacement Therapy Evaluation

Are you a candidate for hormone therapy? Contact New Results Medical Weight Loss or visit one of our clinics in Mesa and Scottsdale to find out. Hormone replacement therapy programs, like any medically-supervised health and wellness programs, require preliminary evaluation to develop a program tailored to your age, health level, hormone profile, and personal goals.

Pre-HRT evaluation is the first step for every New Results patient. Here is what to expect during your initial visit, and proof that New Results Medical Weight Loss is committed to providing the right solutions. Other weight loss providers and hormone therapy clinics in Phoenix might not be so careful to make sure you receive the actual products and therapies you need to optimize your health.

  • You will complete a thorough questionnaire and medical history. Please click here to print out the form if you would like to complete it prior to your first appointment.
  • We will measure your weight, blood pressure, pulse, and body mass index (BMI) to assess and establish key biological baselines.
  • We will look at your thyroid function, fasting glucose, cholesterol and other parameters of good health. We will evaluate and discuss the findings of the blood panel with you during your first follow up appointment, and explain what they mean in terms of the right hormone therapy program.
  • Our doctor or nurse practitioner will do a brief medical history and exam to determine which program is the safest and best option for you. This exam will also help us tailor the program to maximize the effectiveness of hormone therapy.
  • Together, we will review the TCore20™ program in detail with you, showing you not only how but why this approach is so effective and explaining what to expect as part of your hormone replacement and optimization program.

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Any program or treatment we offer, including hormone optimization and Peptide therapy, carrying the phrase “anti-aging” or “healthy aging” is not intended to stop or prevent one from aging.
Rather, our programs and products are intended to help patients achieve the best possible levels of health and wellness despite natural processes in the body associated with middle and old age.