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Do You Accept Insurance?

New Results Medical Weight Loss is now accepting insurance for the following for preventive, diagnostic, or treatment purposes. Read More Here: Insurance Info + Details.

Is the Appetite Suppressant that New Results Medical Weight Loss uses safe?

The appetite suppressant medications that we use for our medical weight loss programs are FDA-Approved, and have been used safely, and successfully for decades.  Also, during our initial evaluation and consultation, we will perform an EKG, and our Doctor or Nurse Practitioner will determine the best plan of action for each patient.  We also have our Amino Acid Appetite Suppressant which gives our patients even more flexibility and choice.

Is your program realistic and are the RESULTS sustainable?

During New Result’s Medical Weight Loss Program, we will teach you a way of eating, that combined with effective appetite suppressants and metabolism enhancers, will help you lose weight more quickly, and safely, than you can typically experience on your own.  It is important to stress that one of our primary goals at New Results Medical Weight Loss is to help patients understand a way of eating that becomes “intuitive” and is enjoyable and sustainable.

Can I exercise while on your program?

We absolutely encourage patients that can exercise, to do so.  Our protocol will teach you how to exercise with RESULTS.  Often, people think that you need to exercise more, and eat less……this method will result in your body slowing your metabolism even further, and is NOT an effective way to lose weight.  We will teach you how to maximize your body’s “Fat Burning Potential” – whether you exercise a ton, or not much at all!

Once I stop taking the appetite suppressant, will I be able to maintain my weight loss?

Both the prescription and non-prescription appetite suppressants that we use at New Results Medical Weight Loss help patients lose weight more quickly, and easily than they can typically experience on their own.  However, from your very first appointment, our primary focus is on showing you a way of eating that not only works, but is sustainable and enjoyable.  As you approach your weight loss goal, we take you through a transition and maintenance period, and the RESULTS are lifestyle changes that will last.

Why are the last 15 pounds so difficult to lose?

The closer a person gets to their “normal” or healthy weight, the harder it becomes to lose the weight. However, we have experience helping patients lose 10 pounds – to well over 140 pounds.  The New Results Protocol and Program works for these types of people.  Our staff is experienced at looking at your diet, exercise, and other parameters and we will design a program that will help you obtain the RESULTS that you desire!

What if I can't come in every week?

In our flagship program, Program 1, and our amino acid program, Program 2, seeing our patients weekly is one of the reasons that patients do so well on our program. Especially in the beginning, we want to ensure that we are treating you safely, and that you are maximizing the RESULTS you are trying to accomplish. Weekly accountability helps patients focus, and it gives our patients access to all of the tools that we offer – particularly our dedicated and knowledgeable staff. They will help you and guide you with unending support, recipe and snack ideas, tips on how to maximize the benefits of exercise, and lots of encouragement!  You just can’t get this level of care being seen once per month.  We know that our patients have full and busy lives, we will work with each patient on a plan that fits their needs.

If you are not able to make weekly visits, the Program 3 might be a better fit for you. Learn more about our Quick Start Program.



New Results Medical Weight Loss is a non-surgical, medical weight loss clinic that provides individualized programs to help patients lose weight and make lifestyle changes that will have lasting RESULTS.