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Everything You Should Know about L-Carnitine

Did you know that there are 1.9 billion adults in the world that are considered overweight?

More than 650 million people considered to be obese. Individuals worldwide are beginning to focus on prioritizing their health and weight loss. Through diet and exercise changes, many people can quickly shed a few pounds.

What do you do if you’re still struggling to lose weight?

L-Carnitine is a natural supplement that’s starting to grow in popularity because of its numerous health benefits. As a versatile and potent supplement, L-Carnitine Is a wonderful supplement for weight loss efforts, muscle gain, workout recovery, and improved brain health.

Are you interested in learning about all of the benefits that L-Carnitine has to offer? This complete guide will help you to get a better understanding of why you need to start adding L-Carnitine into your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is a type of dietary and nutritional supplement. L-Carnitine is responsible for producing energy in your body by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria of yourselves. By increasing the fat burning rate in your cells, L-Carnitine works to boost energy levels in individuals who use this supplement.

The main role that L-Carnitine plays in your body is to improve the functioning of the mitochondria in your cells. Also, L-Carnitine works by increasing energy production.

The majority of your L-Carnitine stores are found in your muscles. Smaller amounts are stored inside your blood and liver.

A healthy level of L-Carnitine not only increases the healthy functioning of your mitochondria is, but it also decreases your likelihood of developing certain diseases. Also, L-Carnitine also plays a vital role in the aging process.

Your body will naturally produce L-Carnitine from methionine and lysine amino acids. You can also add L-Carnitine levels into your body by increasing your consumption of fish and meat.

What Are the Different Types of L-Carnitine?

There are several types of Carnitine that you can find in natural products or supplements. L-Carnitine is the most commonly found type of Carnitine. However, some of the other versions of Carnitine that you may find include:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Propionyl-L-Carnitine
  • L-Carnitine L-tartrate
  • D-Carnitine

The different versions of Carnitine are useful for different people.

Individuals that are struggling with Circulatory health problems could benefit from the use of Propionyl-L-Carnitine. On the other hand, people that are looking to decrease their level of muscle soreness from participating in sports would benefit from L-Carnitine L-tartrate.

What Is Carnitine Deficiency?

In the majority of people that have a carnitine deficiency, the cause of their deficiency is because of a genetic disorder. Individuals that have a carnitine deficiency caused by a genetic disorder will begin developing symptoms around the age of five. some of the symptoms that are commonly associated with carnitine deficiency include skeletal muscle weakness, cardiomyopathy, and hypoglycemia.

Individuals that have a carnitine deficiency may not show any symptoms. However, some people have carnitine deficiency at an increased risk of developing chronic health conditions. Some of these conditions include heart problems, liver problems, and chronic renal failure.

Can You Use L-Carnitine for Weight Loss?

Yes, you can use L-Carnitine for weight loss. This is because L-Carnitine helps your body to move an increased amount of fatty acids into yourself. Instead of having excess fat be stored for energy, your body will increase its fat-burning capabilities.

Without healthy L-Carnitine levels in the body, your cells will have a hard time getting dietary fats into the mitochondria.

If you’re looking to use L-Carnitine for weight loss, you could consider adding L-Carnitine supplements or L-Carnitine injections into your dietary changes. L-Carnitine shots are affected by breaking down the fat in your body for your cells to use for energy.

Plus, L-Carnitine injections make it easier for your body to burn through the excess fat stores that you have in your body, resulting in weight loss.

How Does L-Carnitine Boost Brain Health?

Studies have found that taking L-Carnitine can help reverse the decline in brain functioning. This decline in brain functioning is commonly associated with brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The same size also found that elderly adults that didn’t have any rain conditions saw an increase in overall brain functioning when adding L-Carnitine to their diet.

There haven’t been many scientific studies to prove this. However, there is speculation in the scientific community that L-Carnitine helps to protect the brain from cell damage.

What Other Benefits Does L-Carnitine Provide?

Anyone can benefit from using L-Carnitine. The type of effects that you see from L-Carnitine will depend on your current level of health. If you have a minor L-Carnitine deficiency, you may start to notice immediate changes in how you feel and how your body functions.

Some of the benefits that you can expect to see from L-Carnitine dosages include:

  • Decreased levels of hunger
  • Increased levels of energy
  • Metabolism boost
  • Reduced levels of toxins in your body
  • Decreased levels of stress
  • Improved physical stamina
  • Decreased workout recovery time
  • Increased red blood cell production
  • Increased level of muscle oxygen supply
  • Improved focus
  • Reduced levels of inflammation
  • Improved immune system
  • A higher level of cognitive function

Using L-Carnitine for weight loss is beneficial, but there are many other positive effects that L-Carnitine can provide your body with.

L-Carnitine for Muscle Soreness

L-Carnitine isn’t just great for weight loss- it’s also a supplement many fitness experts use to reduce the amount of muscle damage that occurs to their bodies during an intense workout. By reducing the amount of muscle damage, people who use L-Carnitine find a reduction in muscle soreness after completing their workout.

Also, studies have also found that L-Carnitine helps to improve the body’s muscle repairing capabilities. While the exact reason behind this is still unconfirmed, many scientists speculate that it’s because L-Carnitine improves blood flow to muscles, which reduces the amount of oxidative stress in the body.

L-Carnitine for Muscle Growth

Just as L-Carnitine is a great supplement to reduce muscle soreness post-workout, it’s also beneficial to grow your muscles. In the past, doctors have used L-Carnitine to improve muscle growing capabilities in the elderly.

In individuals who have normal L-Carnitine levels, studies have found that by increasing the level of L-Carnitine in the body, individuals can recover faster from intense workouts. Over time, this leads to an increase in body composition, as there isn’t as much downtime needed to recover from muscle soreness.

L-Carnitine for Insulin Sensitivity

While L-Carnitine is still being studied in individuals who have difficulty regulating their insulin levels, few studies have been completed. These studies have found that individuals with an increased level of insulin sensitivity had an easier time managing their blood sugar levels.

L-Carnitine for Improved Brain Health

Improving the L-Carnitine levels in the body helps to improve concentration, while also decreasing fatigue. There are still studies being completed on how L-Carnitine improves overall brain health; many users of this supplement report an increase in cognitive functioning.

Is L-Carnitine Worth Taking?

L-Carnitine is worth taking if you’re looking to improve your body’s weight loss capabilities, improve your brain functioning, and protect your body. The level of L-Carnitine that’s found in your body is directly impacted by how much food you’re eating and what type of food you’re eating.

People who are vegetarian or vegan often struggle with an L-Carnitine because of their avoidance or restriction of animal products. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you may want to consider adding L-Carnitine supplements into your diet to prevent developing an L-Carnitine deficiency.

People who are struggling to lose weight or are worried about their body’s aging process may also want to consider adding an L-Carnitine supplement into their diet.

Understanding Why You Need to Add L-Carnitine Into Your Diet

Because it helps to transport extra fat found in your body into the mitochondria of your cells, L-Carnitine is one of the best natural fat burners that you can find on the market. By making it easier for your cells to absorb fat, you’ll notice an increase in your weight loss and in your energy levels.

Not only is this natural supplement great to add to increase your body’s natural weight loss capabilities, but it also serves as a great tool to use to protect your body from an L-Carnitine deficiency. Not managing your body’s L-Carnitine levels can increase your chances of developing certain chronic diseases and harm your brain’s overall health.

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