How Restrictive Is This Program?

So, How Restrictive Are the Weight Loss Programs? We want to first explain that each of these programs is designed and built to help you lose weight based on your specific needs and goals. We have three different weight loss programs available for clients. Program One: Prescription Appetite Suppressant, this is our flagship program and is also doctor supervised. Program Two: Amino Acid Appetite Suppressant, this program is more geared toward patients that are more about losing weight the “natural” way. This

The New Results Difference

What is The “New Results Difference”? At New Results Medical Weight Loss, we have been helping our clients reach their weight loss goals since 2009.   Granted we’ve changed since then, but our approach to medical weight loss is still the same.  Each program we have is meant to be tailored to your weight loss goal and overall healthy living. We also believe in doing things differently and getting New Results, and many of our clients ask what makes us so different from

5 Tips For Meal Prepping

Meal Prepping Tips and Tricks Meal prepping is a concept that is talked about a lot these days. Fitness professionals and medical weight loss experts alike all recommend meal prepping for those who are trying to lose weight or adopting a healthier lifestyle. The programs at New Results Medical Weight Loss are extremely successful, because we are focused on our clients’ entire journey through the process, from the medical supplementation, the accountability, and the healthy living tips. Here are 5 of

Creating Sustainable Weight Loss

Creating Sustainable Weight Loss At New Results Medical Weight Loss, our clients are thrilled with their results and cannot wait to show it off. But the one thing that our clients often ask after their weight loss program ends is how do they keep the weight off? Once you’ve completed one of New Results Medical Weight Loss programs, you have to remember when you started the program you made a lifestyle change. We understand this concern, but don’t worry we’ve